High School Video Lessons

High School Lesson 13 - Destroyed: Second Coming and Final Judgment

In the fourth and final video in our series on Last Things. Steven concludes the conversation with discussing the Second Coming and Final Judgment.

High School Lesson 12 - Sever: Purgatory

Continuing in our series on the Last Things, Steven addresses in our third video the topic of Purgatory.

High School Lesson 11 - Hell-Bound: Heaven and Hell

Continuing with our series on last things. Brett introduces and elaborates on Heaven and Hell.

High School Lesson 10 - Memento Mori: Death and Judgment

Our third video series for the High School Youth Ministry here at Holy Spirit Parish focuses on last things. To begin the series we have Brett opening the discussion by presenting the tenets of our Catholic faith regarding death and judgment.

High School Lesson 9 - > Greater Than: Freedom in Christ

In the final video in our High School series on Gender and Identity; coordinator Steven Sandoval discusses Freedom in Christ.

High School Lesson 8 - + (Plus) Healthy Relationships

In our third video in the high school video series about Gender and Identity. Steven, continues the conversation started by Brett in the first two videos by addressing the aspect of Healthy Relationships.

High School Lesson 7 - / (Divide) The Human Person as Body and Soul

Continuing with the seventh video for High School Youth Ministry, Brett, transitions the conversation about identity and equality to the aspects of the human person as body and soul.

High School Lesson 6 - = (Equal) Identity and Equality

In our sixth video for High School Youth Ministry, Brett, begins and lays the foundation of the discussion about identity and equality when it comes to our gender and identity.

High School Lesson 5 - Pull up a Chair

In this fifth video of our High School lessons, and our last one talking about racism. Steven teaches about empathy and action.

High School Lesson 4 - Reset the Table

In our third video about Racism, High School Teaching Team Member and Coordinator Steven Sandoval addresses the aspects of class, discrimination, and privilege.

High School Lesson 3 - Who's My Neighbor?

In this video, Brett continues expanding the conversation about race to be one that is defining who our neighbors are, and what does that mean exactly in our discussion about racism.

High School Lesson 2 - Seating Chart

One of our new teachers for this year, Brett, makes his teaching debut in this High School lesson about race, racism, and racial tension.

High School Lesson 1 - Crisis

Youth Ministry Coordinator Steven Sandoval introduces the topic to begin the 2020-2021 High School year by addressing Crisis.