Faith Formation

Faith Formation Registration 

Classes begin in October.

Registration is available in the Parish Center during Office Hours.

All children need to be registered by Wednesday, September 30th to attend the first session.

Faith Formation Offerings 

Directed by Debbie Bucksteigel

Directed by Kathy (Kathleen) Myles

Faith Formation Polices 

Inclement weather:  If the Swan Valley School District is closed due to weather conditions, there will be NO formation sessions that afternoon or evening in our parish. For middle school or high school sessions please call the Parish Office, (989) 781-2457 thirty minutes before the session and the answering service will let you know if the session is canceled.

Absentee policy:  If your child is unable to attend a scheduled formation session, please call the Education Office to inform us.  The number is (989) 781-3330.  Your child's safety is very important to us.  A phone call will help us know their whereabouts.

Safety policy – arrival and dismissal:  When dropping off your child for Faith Formation sessions, please be sure that they are safely in the building before leaving.  When picking up your child, please come inside the building. Children will only be released to a parent/guardian unless written notice is provided by a parent/guardian to Debbie.  Please be prompt in picking up your child at the end of sessions.

E-mail correspondence:  There will be reminders for all Faith Formation programs and activities, as well as sacramental preparation sessions, sent via e-mail.  Please check your e-mail.

Health concerns:  Please contact  Debbie if there are any health concerns we should know about.  If you indicated a concern on the registration form, catechists will be informed of your child's condition.  If you desire that not occur, please let us know.

Protecting God's Children:  We are protecting God's children.  Each catechist is required to have a background check, sign a standards of ministerial behavior acknowledgement form, and attend a VIRTUS program.  VIRTUS is a program designed to help prevent "wrong doing" and promote "right doing" with religious organizations.  This program empowers organizations and people to better control risk and improve lives of all those who interact with the Church.  To report suspected or known cases of child sexual abuse, call Children's Protective Services, (989) 758-1791.  For anyone wishing to seek assistance for sexual abuse, call Child & Family Services of Saginaw County, (989) 790-7500.