Adults (CAFE)


The parishioners of Holy Spirit offer each other many opportunities to learn more about our faith and to build community.  In addition to what is listed below, please, check our bulletin for current offerings. 


Each month a new book is chosen to read and then we meet in the Library at church the second Sunday of the month @ 6:30pm to discuss it.  Please check the bulletin boards at church for details and for the current reading selection.


There many special events offered in our area; like conferences, concerts, dramatizations, teaching talks, and retreats.

  Please check the diocesan website by clicking here to learn what's available.

Catholic Adult Formation & Education

What is CAFÉ? 

CAFÉ is a working committee of our Holy Spirit Parish. Its purpose is to propose to the Parish Education Committee a yearly program plan for adults, who want to continue to deepen their Catholic faith education and experiences. These programs are presented in our social hall. The atmosphere is intended to be casual and encouraging, where folks may hear and have conversations about the Catholic Church, family, friends, daily work, recreational interests, or other concerns. We all experience similar things on our journey with God and each other.  

The National Conference for Catechetical Leadership reflected on: How can parishioners find companions for “The Journey”?  The consensus was the following thoughts:

  • Most adult faith formation issues or problems are in the lecture form of acquiring information. However, a change process is taking place in the way adults gather information. We are now encouraged to use our knowledge to form a genuine and personal relationship with God.
  • Instead of the Church as the sole source of providing information, we now recognize the parish community as caring companions and another source of our information. Rather than understanding for the sake of belonging, we now are called to action, service, and witness for the sake of justice, peace, and ecological survival. We all work together to build the Kingdom of God.
  • Conversations touch the hearts and minds of our companions. We set aside our differences and learn together in a “spiritual conversation."  CAFE is real people sharing real experiences where conversation leads to an increase of our faith and our love of God and the Church.

Scheduled Sessions
Call for information
  • Women’s Bible Study
  • Holy Spirit Men's Group
 The CAFÉ Team is open to ALL parish members

Please contact Debbie at (989) 781-3330 for more information, or if you would like to join the CAFÉ Team.
 Mission Statement:

We, the Holy Spirit CAFÉ TEAM, hunger to inspire a deeper relationship with God by providing lifelong Formation Experiences and continuing Education for all Catholic Adults.
 Vision Statement:

God gives us the opportunity to proclaim the Good News of Jesus to all.  Within our faith we are committed to share with others the living Word of God and to join people in their daily concerns, providing always an invitation to acquire an attitude of conversion to the Lord.